The Stolen Cookies

March 18, 2014

Dear Nabisco:

Here in Canada we have a concern, so on behalf of my county I’ve decided to address the ‘situation’.

Why won’t you bring Canada all your delicious cookies?


It’s pretty cold up in Canada and as such I’m certain we consume more hot beverages than the US trying to stay warm.

And you know what goes really nicely with a hot chocolate or a cup of tea?



On my most recent trips into the USA I made a point of popping into the supermarket to find out what you’ve been keeping from us…. And my findings were horrifying.


A cookie in a cookie!

Like a sweet form of witchery, you’ve managed to double up on the fun of your delicious treats, all the while keeping them from us!

And just when I thought I could overlook the injustice to our country, I saw these!


True sugary treason!

Oh Nabisco you make delicious cookies! Now it’s just time to start sharing.

Your Canadian friends are waiting.

Mr. Fab oreo

  1. Unfortunately the Canadian Health and Food will not approve these for consumption in Canada. They probably have too high of sugar content. Looks yummy, I would become obese on the cookie dough Oreos!

Looking forward to reading your comments!