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Cooking with ‘Top Chef’ Shaften

March 5, 2014

I’ve been an avid reader of cookbooks ever since I was a kid.
On weekends you could usually find me excitedly thumbing through the newest “Company’s Coming” which my mother would get free with a 25 litre gas purchase.

But not once have I ever attempted to cook a meal from it!

I know my skill set, and after burning rice crispy squares when I was 12, the desire to more than heat a meal has never really excited me.

Then along came Chef Chris Shaften!

Top Chef Canada Chris Shafton MrFab (2)

One of the most memorable personalities from 2013 Top Chef Canada fame.

Chris Shaften is more than just a pretty-face trouble-maker with a boyish charm; he’s a self driven entrepreneur who also runs his own private chef/consulting business, Taste First, out of Calgary, Alberta.

So when the opportunity presented itself to learn to cook with the ‘Top Chef’ I jumped at the chance.

An easy but impressive dish that I can prepare anytime to wow my guests.

But knowing me, take out will most likely still be on the menu.

Thanks for the fun times and mad skills!

Top Chef Canada Chris Shafton MrFab (1)

Mr. Fab chef

  1. Whaaaaat???!! Two of my favourite, most FABULOUS people together in ONE blog post!!??? Mr. Fabulous- way to rope in the cutest, most talented chef in Calgary (& my former housemate!) Inspired,

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