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Top 5 Wines Under $20

March 4, 2014

With an invite to one of the best ‘fests’ of the year, I remained stranded across the border with a delayed flight. But when your life is filled with great friends who know a thing or two about wine, one quick call has them salivating to take your place.

My good friend Jasmine, a self proclaimed winesnob, was an obvious choice to find the ‘Best of the Fest’, but I wasn’t going to make it too easy for her.

Winefest Calgary Mr. Fab

Her challenge; find me the top 5 under $20. With patio season coming, I want bang for your buck so you’re not empty pocketed and home before the sun sets.

Here’s what Jasmine has found to keep the party budget friendly!

When Mr. Fab called with a challenge, I jumped at the opportunity. Ready and willing I was given one task; find 5 great wines under $20. Now this may sound like a fun mission, but I’m a snob!  However, I was determined to find great wines under $20 that Fab himself would love. With that in mind, my date and I started our quest in search of anything light and bubbly and/or a moscato he might like and what I found impressed me as much as I know it will impress him!

  1. Long Flat Moscato Australia

Winefest Calgary Long flat Moscato Australia Mr.Fab

Well under $20 a bottle, this winery is one of Aussie’s most well known and loved. It’s quite sweet and makes the perfect after dinner wine. They also have the Red Moscato, a blush that is a little less sugary.

  1. Domaine La Berangeraie France

Winefest Calgary Domaine La Berangeraie France Mr.Fab

Under $20 for a full varietal Malbec! That is quite amazing… Coupled with the fact that they are biodynamic and family run/owned made this wine one of our favourites! Not to mention the wonderful sommelier Sylvie who took us through a whole tour via cell phone of the family and vineyard!

  1. New Age Mendoza, Argentina

Winefest Calgary New Age Mendoza, Argentina MrFab

Now for under $12 this wine was definitely the show stopper!!! My date and I went back to this table all through the night! Shelley, our fantastic sommelier explained how in Argentina the wine is served on the rocks with lime and is called “Tincho” (named after the drinks creator). This refreshing cocktail is one of the most popular served in restaurants, bars and night clubs in Buenos Aires!!

  1. Shinas Estate Victoria, Australia

Winefest calgary Shinas Estate Victoria, Australia mrfab

This label impressed! The winemaker, George Shinas is an actual judge who has blended his profession with his passion, hence the names of his red wines: The Guilty, The Verdict and The Executioner (each with haunting male figures on the label). His white varietals are just the opposite: The Innocent and Sweet Justice Moscato (hello our personal fav!) are embedded with angelic female figures, making this winery very interesting!

  1. Susana Balbo Late Harvest Torrontes, Argentina

winefest Susana Balbo Late Harvest Torrontes, Argentina mrfab

I finally cracked and this one is just slightly over $20 but we had to mention it. This unique dessert wine infused with lychee and honey flavours with a delicate and silky finish was by far our fav for Fab!! Susana Balbo is known as the “Evita of wine”; she has produced a wider variety of wines than any other wine maker in Argentina! Pretty amazing.

Thank you all merchants of wonderful wines and thank you Mr. Fab for letting us over indulge in our quest for great under $20 wines!!

Mr. Fab and Jasmine


Looking forward to reading your comments!