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Better Gnomes and Gardens

February 19, 2014

Charity Ask:

Take a plain ceramic & unassuming gnome and turn it into something fabulous.

White Garden Gnome

And next week (February 27 – March 2) at the Calgary Home and Garden show, my ‘tricked out’ gnome will be up for auction. Over 60,000 visitors to the show will have a chance to bid on their favourites to benefit Grow Calgary; Canada’s largest urban agricultural farm run by a dedicated group of volunteers on a 9-acre parcel of land just west of Canada Olympic Park.

So how did I transform my gnome into, hopefully, an object of desire?

Well it all started with a steak knife

DIY Garden Gnome Lamp Home Decor (1)

Living in a modern downtown condo, I’m lacking a few things: Outdoor space.

As such I wanted to create something for others in my position and turn my little guy into ‘Home Decor’

My Home-y Gnomie!

Soon after I started I realized I was not only lacking a garden, but tools as well. So off to a hardware store I went and returned with a Dremel; this project suddenly became a lot easier.

DIY Garden Gnome Lamp Home Decor (4)

I started by sawing off the tip of his cap and sanded it down to a smooth finish.

Then, using the drill bit, I carved out a round hole in the the top and another in the bottom.

DIY Garden Gnome Lamp Home Decor (2)

Next, I matte lacquered the gnome and drizzled him top down with a silver acrylic paint.

Then it was then time to install the hardware; a lamp rod. After cutting the wires and having to call in professional help to splice the cord back together, the project was almost complete.

But first I had to cut and adjust the wire frame of the custom silver lined lamp shade that didn’t fit on the mix matched base.

DIY Garden Gnome Lamp Home Decor (3)

Lastly, I jimmy-ed the entire contraption together and what I was left with was stylish and modern bit of home décor!

Now my Home-y Gnomie is ready to shine to support Grow Calgary.

DIY Garden Gnome Lamp Home Decor (5)

And I’m hoping you’ll go see him, so I’m giving away 5 double passes to the upcoming Home and Garden Show!

All you need to do is send out a tweet and I’ll send the first 5 of you (& guest) to the show!
(You’ll also have to follow me on Twitter)

Tweet this:

Check out the gnome designed by @immrfabulous! It’s being auctioned for charity for @GrowCalgary at @HomeShowsAB

You tweet, I create… we all support charity!

Mr. Fab omie

Looking forward to reading your comments!