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Ookpix – Canada’s answer to Shutterfly?

February 12, 2014

Nearly six weeks into the New Year and my resolution to be as crafty as Martha has been going strong, thanks in part to this lovely new Canadian company – Ookpix.

Funny name, great offerings.

ookpix homepage

Like the sea of other established ‘create your own’ competitors out there, Ookpix enables you to create photo albums, canvases, or photo acrylics.

Having recently moved into a new pad here in Toronto, I chose to create a canvas to add a little spice to these barren walls.

There are three orientations to choose from – Portrait, Landscape or Square. Each of these options come with a variety of sizing options, from on-your-desk-at-work to make-a-statement-over-the-fireplace sizes.

canvas sizes

Not known for my subtlety, I chose to make a statement!
The biggest sized canvas possible – the 36 x 17.

Up until this step on my Ookpix journey, the website was a breeze to navigate through. It continued to be very user-friendly until I get to the step where I need to upload my chosen photo. Here is where things got finicky.

I needed to download a program called ‘Searchlight’ and let me tell you, after three attempts on two different computers and a handful of curse words, I was ready to give up.


Then I tried a different browser (Chrome) and it all fell into place.
My canvas order was finally placed.

Waiting a mere ten days for my creation’s arrival, I couldn’t wait for the unveil! Opening packages is so exiting for me – the bubble wrap, the anticipation, the bubble wrap.


Insert drum roll…

It looked fabulous! The image of Germany’s Mosel Valley captured during last year’s rainy road trip was not an easy picture to print. Lots of dark colours I was worried would merge together. Not the case – the print quality is just lovely.

Final Product Ookpix

To share the spirit of craftiness, Ookpix is giving all our Fab readers a big, fat 30% off any order until the end of February when you use the promo code: MRFAB30.

Embrace your craftiness, create that album you’ve been meaning to make – with 30% off, heck, make two!

M Fab ookpix

Looking forward to reading your comments!