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Unique and Interesting Necklaces

February 10, 2014

If I were a girl I would wear so much jewelry I’d end up looking like an overdressed Christmas tree.

Because just when I think I’ve seen it all, new pieces show up before me.

Yesterday afternoon I attended a unique pop-up sale where I was dazzled by the wares of two new designers.

Jennea Frischke Jewelry

This ingenious designer was able to see the beauty in the tiny details of crawfish claws. As she strolled along the beach the idea came to her; first casting a wax mould then filling it with sterling silver she was able to get the fine details and dynamic texture of the miniature claws.


And as soon as she strings it on a more masculine chain, you’ll find this little pincher around my neck ($99).

Now lately I don’t know what my obsessive attraction with geodes is, but I just can’t seem to get enough.

My most recent splurge was these gold trimmed coasters from Jonathan Adler


And now this…

A 22 karat gold dipped geode dangler from Bellafusion.


And for the vendor, sourcing these stones from overseas has not been easy. As such her collection is small and rare, exactly what you want in custom jewelry! ($35-$40)

2 new unique ideas to help turn me in to a glamorous and fashionable spruce!

Mr. Fab tree



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