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Toronto Shines During Toronto Design Week

February 7, 2014

Each year the Toronto design community throws events all over Toronto; from openings to product launches it’s a glittering week that leaves you needing to take a deep breath and reflect upon what you saw.

I have compiled some of my favourite events and designers which I hope you all will be inspired by.

The Interior Design Show (IDS).

An enormous venue, there is just so much to see.

From regional designers in Studio North, to international brands like Caesarstone with sprawling booths containing collaborations demonstrating the absolute latest in surface technology.


You’ll walk out of here with extreme home envy, wanting to redecorate everything!

Studio North

Come Up To My Room at The Gladstone Hotel

This art-design show is so unique. Rooms are assigned and curated by local and regional design collectives, artists and firms in ahead-of-the-mass-aesthetics and immersive experiences.

Like this assault on the senses, 8-bit interactive space by ROLLOUT.


I adored the etherealHanging Matters’. At given times, show attendees were invited to pull on the cones, revealing the surprises inside.


There was nothing quite as creepy and intriguingly beautiful than Shannon Scanlan’s ‘Gut Feelings’ room.

It felt like you were entering a living (hot pink) entity of grotesque mystery.

A playground for the un-squeamish.


These two events were just the tip of the wonderful iceberg that was Toronto Design Week 2014.


I can not even wait for next year.

M Fab designed out

  1. The Gut Feelings room must have been one of the strangest and most intriguing pieces I saw at this year’s IDS. The most colour I could take was probably the violet tap and yellow armchairs (which I really liked though)! I felt like many of the exhibits were not to last trend-wise. What I focused on were some timeless pieces for home, and you’re completely right with the home envy. I started envisioning my bathroom with some new purple LED lit aqua-massage showers as soon as I left! It’s a great source of inspiration though. Made me do a recap of the IDStoo. I wish it wasn’t a year until the next event!

Looking forward to reading your comments!