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Your Heart Will Dino-SOAR This V-Day

February 6, 2014

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I hate to admit it but the Hallmark Holiday always gives me a sense of trepidation no matter my social status. Will he be romantic? vs Will he come into my life? Both are ulcer inducing.

*Mlle Fab pops a tums/champagne chaser, readjusts her pearls & then continues to write*

Luckily, this year the pressure is off as I already received the best V-Day gift ever:

Dinomite Cards!


The brand spanking new card line is based out of Calgary, Alberta by marketing guru Michael Kennedy. How did Dinomite Cards come into existence? Well, a colleague of Michael’s needed a birthday card, so he drew a little dinosaur and the response? “OUTSTANDING!”…. He’s been making custom cards ever since!

His goal? Make a card that one wouldn’t typically find in a store. No more HORRID poems and he’ll even let YOU choose the inscription as well.


Currently, Dinomite Cards can be ordered HERE!

Cool quality products by a cool quality creator, Michael & his cards are just that. Witty and well drawn by a total CUTIE-PIE!


Dinomite card made mon coeur sing. But, my heart won’t be singing alone this V-Day because Dinomite Cards is kindly offering 2 original cards to a lucky FAB reader!


As always you’ll have 2 ways to enter:

#1 Tweet the following:

My heart is dino-SOARING this Vday thanks to @dinomitecards & @immllefab


#2 Comment bellow and share:

Your best or worst V-Day moment or gift!

So stand out from the crowd this Valentine’s Day by offering a piece of original art!


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  1. Ok, my worst vday moment was when my boyfriend decided to dump me! Yes, I am the girl who got dumped on vday! Luckily I am now married to the love of my life so it worked out for me!

  2. When I was in first grade (or some grade a long long time ago) a boy gave me chocolate and his school picture – on the back it said “I would kiss you if I could kiss” hahaha so memorable

  3. Worst gift? Went to hang up my boyfriends winter coat. When I grabbed it and was putting it on a hanger a blue box fell out of the pocket. I opened it to find the SAME earrings that I had unwrapped the night before in my boyfriends pocket…he bought two of the same gift. clASSy indeed.

  4. A guy I was seeing came over to make a nice romantic supper and brought his pooch (I invited her too) and while we were making supper, she proceeded to eat all my cat’s food…oh well, we just laughed it off and re-filled the cat food bowl. The really fun part came when we were eating and realized the dog had been awfully quiet. We went to look for her and she had pooped in my closet!! Normally not that big of a deal, however it was obviously apparent that dogs probably shouldn’t consume cat food – it doesn’t agree with them. At all. Ever.

Looking forward to reading your comments!