Sugary Seconds; New Cereals

January 28, 2014

When I was young, I’d wake up at the crack of dawn every Saturday and plant myself down for a morning filled with cartoons and exciting commercial breaks.

As soon as I would hear the sing-song jingle “after these messages we’ll be right back…” I would await each new commercial with anticipation.

Would it be a toy or, better yet, an advertisement for a new sugary breakfast cereal.

But now that I’m older and I can’t possible drag myself out of bed prior to noon, I’m forced to spend my afternoons trolling the grocery store cereal aisles just to see what’s new.

And in America, the land of the plentiful, numerous new sugary delights have hit the shelves this month.

Up first, some classics chocolate-ified!

Chocolate Toast Crunch


Frosted Chocolate Flakes


And then we’ve got the cookies!

Cookies and Creme


Krave S’mores


Not a fan of the coco? Perhaps some strawberry will tickle your fancy.

Froot Loops Treasures


Don’t like artificial flavors? Maybe a ‘touch of fruit’ will hit the spot.

Raisin filled Mini Wheats


And if all that sugar doesn’t wake you up…. They’ve also added an energy and protein supplement!

Honey Bunches Morning Energy


So start your day off right with all the artificial colors and flavours your body can handle!


Mr. Fab with milk

Looking forward to reading your comments!