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Model Talk and Giveaway with Percy Katt

January 27, 2014

Beauté is only skin deep, but in this Canadian model’s case, he is a stunner right to the very core. Dear readers, meet Mr. Percy Katt.


Percy is the youngest of three brothers – oui, there is a gaggle of them.


He began modelling in his teens where he walked for Jean Paul Gaultier, who also happens to be one of his fav designers.


“I love his sense of humor and gender play in design. I would wear every piece from his Autumn/Winter collection. The palette is very me: the construction is innovative and I love the mix of pattern with pops of leather…I have an anchor tattoo on my bicep; Nautical imagery is so timeless & camp, and so tied to Gaultier.”


Mr. Katt is certainly more than just a pretty face. Currently, he is a part of Kkunt Factory where he collaborates with Obskyura. They use photo, film & live burlesque shows to turn socially constructed gender roles on their head, which makes sense why Percy is enrolled at U of T with a double major: Sexual Diversity Studies & Visual Art.

As it happens, I have known Percy since he was in kindergarten. And, I am thrilled to see what a successful & versatile artist he’s become. While being a full time model/student, Mr. Katt somehow found the time to launch ‘Kkunt’, a coffee table book, which he is graciously giving to one of our lucky readers!


As always you’ll have 2 ways to win:

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My coffee table has never looked better thanks to Percy Katt & @immllefab! A stunning model shares his new book.


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Tell me, “Who’s your favourite designer?”

Much to my delight Percy is still the same sweet kid that I knew from back in the day. Normally, I wouldn’t advocate gawking at such a sweetie, but the artistry in ‘Kkunt’ begs for it. Be warned, mes chers, the images are indeed drool worthy, so wear a bib ; ).


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