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Rumble in the Box

January 23, 2014

My bday, Christmas & NYE have passed. WAH!!!! If you’re anything like moi, your bottom lip is dragging lower than Ocotomom prior to feeding time. Pick me up required. Thank the lil’ baby jesus in a tux t-shirt that an invite to WIF appeared!

WIF – World Improv Federation. Based in the elegant Wiggle Room, WIF is a new Montréal improvisation company spearheaded by Dan Derkson. Beautiful room + impromptu laughs = my mtl bestie & I sprinting out the door to get our giggle on in style.


Every thursday, WIF takes the stage to entertain off the cuff. The evening we experienced was ‘Rumble in the Wiggle Room’: 6 improvisers & 2 live musicians. WIF split into 2 teams: Improvisation X vs Nation of Improvisation. They squared off playing théâtre sports to gain champion of the evening. Being an improviser – that’s right, this smart *ss mouth helped me through university; what up, The General Fools! – I appreciated that there was at least one femme up there representing, which also helped in the improv song game:


*must be sung in style of Aerosmith*
“Improooooooooo-vis-aaaaaaaaaaaaa-tion X!
And, the only team onstage that could have a threesome & it wouldn’t be gay sex.
Improvisation X has two guys & a girl with hair.
They also have a guy who’s skinny…*points to male bits*…but not down there!”

What do we learn from this? Ladies not only bring the funny, but assist in the funny. *insert applause here*


My fav game of the soir was ‘Work Together’. One member from each team does a scene together based on audience suggestions and then the remaining members recreate the same scene but in différent styles of storytelling. Guess who suggested the main subject of the scene?! I offered “Princess” – I know, shocking ; ). Another audience member suggested the first scene to feature 2 drag queens.

Wide Open Style w/

2 Drag Queens
One drag queen didn’t want to do the show because he didn’t feel like a pretty princess. Advice given, “Stuff it in, tuck it back: you’re a pretty princess!”

Star Wars Style
Princess in Waiting Luke to his father.
“Darth Princess, do you remember the words of the famous Drag Yoda?”

Les Mis Style
One french prostitute to another before work.
“Maybe it’s about being poor or smelling like sh*t; I just don’t feel sexy.”


A shout out must be given to the MC: Dan Derkson. Some of the best one liners from that soir belong to him. My fav: *to audience member* “Don’t be nervous. You’re just going to judge the game and their lifestyle choices”.


Killer cocktails + Pretty space + $12 for an evening of surprise LIVE laughs = A STEAL!

I do have one suggestion, Monsieur Derkson. Seeing as the space is also a burlesque house, I suggest the title ‘Rumble in the Box’. *curtsy* Copyright Mlle Fab 2014.


Mlle Fab proviser at heart


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