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A FreeTaxUSA Giveaway for my American Friends!

January 20, 2014

Alright American readers…. This giveaway’s for you!

It’s that time of year where the tax man wants your money and he’s hoping you’ll mess up on your return!


Your mistakes mean more money in the IRS’s pocket!

But my friends from FreeTaxUSA are here to help you get it right the first time with their swanky, easy to use tax filing system.

They offer a ton of free services and will actually help file your state taxes for as low as $12.95.

Freaked about being audited? Add on their ‘deluxe’ package for an additional $5.95 and they’ll be there should the IRS come a knockin.

Seriously America, if you knew how much your Canadian friends paid to file their taxes, you’d be shocked.

For you, less than $20 gives you the ease of online filling and the security of knowing you’ll have the future support should you need it.

Mr. Fab Blogger

But for 5 lucky American readers, the DELUXE Edition will be free!

My friends at FreeTaxUSA have given me 5 codes to waive your fee.

If you’d like one, just follow and tweet me at @immrfabulous and ask for me to set you up with a code for the deluxe @freetaxusa filing system.

I’ll be looking forward to your tweets!

Mr. Fab tax


Looking forward to reading your comments!