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January 16, 2014

A new year with an old resolution:

Be more active.

And unless you count running from the bar to buffet at parties ‘exercise’, I fail miserably.

But I’ve got my excuses, it’s not the lack of motivation that’s slowing me down, it’s the lack of gear… I have none!

My muddy winter boots or musty old sneakers I last wore during high school gym class are not going to cut it if I want to be serious about my health.

So how am I going to get off the couch and in the zone?

It’s Reebok to the rescue!

ZQUICK Rebok Giveaway FAB

Since the mid 80’s I have been obsessed with this brand.

My Mom’s best friend Peggy was my fitness inspiration, and whenever we’d pop by for a visit, you could always find Peggy decked out in neon leggings, permed hair in a side ponytail stomping a logo-ed two riser step in her white and pink Reeboks.

The colors. The high kicks. The shoes… I was entranced!

Well times have changes and so have the styles and technology!

And now the newest addition to Reebok family, the ZQUICK, have me re-inspired.

Zquick Tred bottom veiw

The ZQuick features a unique foam compound and radically sliced geometry similar to that of a high-performance tire for ultimate ground contact and a lightweight, cushioned and more responsive ride. While the Nano Webbing on the upper keeps you centered and stable.

Basically allowing me to win the Indy 500 or out-manuever a cheetah should I find myself being chased.

Reebok ZQuick (2)

These are nothing like Peggy’s old kicks!

Reebok’s motivated me and now they want to motivate you too!

This giveaway is beyond generous!

Reebok is going to give one of my readers a whole new look in fitness fashion.

New shoes AND new clothes!

Reebok ZQuick Giveaway

You’ll be suited up, looking good and ready to get active!

As always you’ll have 2 ways to enter.

1. Tweet the Following;

Mini race cars on @immrfabulous feet! It’s @ReebokCanada’s new ZQuick shoe


2. Comment below and tell me:
‘How do you stay active?’

Me? I shop like it’s a sport!

Entries will close Monday Jan 20th and winner will be selected.

Good luck fellow ‘drivers’!

Mr Fab quick

  1. Awesome give-away Mr. Fab! I stay active by doing Boot-camp, Yoga and getting outside to do something active and enjoy the weather whenever possible!
    Would love to win this giveaway!

  2. Haha I am trying to become a runner this year… far failing miserably but it’s the thought that counts right?

  3. I take a belly dance class. It’s something I actually enjoy and once I’ve paid I HAVE to go. It keeps my moving and an excellent source of confidence when there is a little too much jiggle to your wiggle 😉

  4. I have 3 dogs that keep me pretty active on a daily basis 🙂 Lots of walks and Frisbee throws! Also a child and a full time job. I don’t think I have time for a sport but I also have been wanting to get back to the gym. I love that you shop like its a sport lol.

  5. How do I stay active?
    I don’t – I fail miserably- BUT with new gear from Reebok … I really could get my act into gear and start a more active lifestyle!!!

  6. I run! I went when I am tired, unhappy, sad, or even hen i am feeling chipper. I am about to start training for the Calgary Marathon!! woohoo…who’s in?

  7. Would love to win some new gear to get motivated! Right now my works outs are chasing a toddler but the pre baby me loved to go jogging… Would like to find her again 🙂

  8. I haven’t been very active but plan to get active I need to get in shape and quick my friends child died this lady fall and I said I’d do a small marathon Ambulance Chasers in memory of her son! I like many others haven’t put on runners since high school but need the push to become healthy! Thanks Ryan for giving the rest of us a shove off the couch

  9. Staying active in the winter in Calgary is a bit hard! But the look on my dogs always take me outside for a walk no matter how tired I am…walking feels so good and seeing their little faces makes me happy. Yoga plays a good role too! Chasing planes in busy airports! Pulling my bags on pairings help me tone my arms! Swimming in hotel pools is a nice way to refresh myself from the wonderful smell of a metal tube!…and of course when time allows it … the gym!

  10. I stay active by creeping famous people in hotels, tracking down skeevee crackheads that smash windows for 33Cents and 3 CDs, and I also like to walk one eyed rescue dogs with Ceaser Millan issues!!! Do I qualify for some new race cars for my feet?

  11. Active = fun! I keep active by doing anything that not only increases my heart rate but also puts a smile on my face.

  12. I stay active by playing in a women’s basketball league and on a dodgeball team. Both are a ton of fun and great to stay active over the long winter!

  13. Playing many sports such as wrestling and tennis and if it counts bowling taking a jog early in the morning. I want to see if these are mini racecars Please pick me

  14. I stay active by walking, playing on a floor hockey team, and a variety of outdoor activities! Love ice skating outside in the winter! Fabulous giveaway!!

  15. I love your post! I have always wanted to work out and keep in shape but I never had a cool outfit with matching shoes like this one. If I was to win I feel the pounds would shed away with morning runs and lunges.
    Thanks Mr. fab work out!

  16. Still active at 59, but no high kicks and no blonde permed hair…Thanks for the blog Ryan….glad I was your inspiration…Peggy

Looking forward to reading your comments!