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The Year of M.Fab’s Craftiness

January 15, 2014

This year I have decided to do more things that make me feel happy.
Dance in the kitchen, sing in the shower, wear red lipstick with abandon, and be craftier.


Not ‘craftier’ in the evil vixen-vampire-international-puppy-smuggler sense, but in the Martha Stewart meets MacGyver sense.


You see, there isn’t much I love more than the smell of a hot glue gun.

I love anything crafty, like this 3-D picture I made with a canvas, nails and embroidery thread.


Simple and Beautiful!

So, in order to achieve my 2014 resolution, I vow to learn to sew, try painting and maybe even get all Ghost on you while giving pottery a spin.


Toronto has a vibrant art and fashion scene and I make this resolution to you to uncover Toronto’s coolest crafty venues and crafty people who make it all possible.

2014 is the year to be inspired. Surround yourself with those who burn a little brighter. Dust off your creativity while showing Martha a thing or two.

M Fab  Jensen


Looking forward to reading your comments!