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What’s Your Travel Personality?

January 8, 2014

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest blogger in the world! I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the globe attending amazing parties and events; it has made me forever grateful to my readers! 

This year alone, I estimate I’ve been “on the road” for 150+ days, and every one of those days have come with an exciting story!

But it’s time for me to start reading about YOUR adventures. 

So last week when my friends at Scotiabank asked me to share ‘Around the World with $20K’, a contest they’re hosting where a quick entry could win you a $20,000 dream vacation of your own, I was like: “Hot diggity! Of course I will!”   

Now we want to know; What would YOU do and where would YOU go?    

What kind of traveler are YOU?

Are you a Foodie Traveler

Because $20,000 could buy you a million pastries in Paris


Or are you an Adven-tourist

Maybe the cold weather has you wanting to escape and experience a place like no other.


Perhaps you’re the Road Tripper

Playing eye spy and snacking on junk food; you’ll use the money to fill your tank and see as many Canadian roadside attractions as you can!


Or maybe you’re just like me, the Culture Vulture

You LIVE for the experience and plan to attend as many events as you can! 


So what path will you take? 

Will you be swinging from the vines in a jungle or from the rafters in a NYC night club?   

You’ll choose!

Take a moment and enter their ‘Around the World with $20K’ and make your dreams happen… 

Their contest closes March 31, 2014!  

And if you don’t win… The Scotiabank Gold American Express Card, will help get you travelling faster by earning you points 4x faster on eligible gas, groceries, dining and entertainment!

For contest details please visit: 

For product details please visit:

It’s time to dream big!

Mr. Fab around the world


Looking forward to reading your comments!