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Yuk Yuks; Take Your Spoonful Tonight

January 3, 2014

Canadian Winters: Cold. Dreary. Depresso-ville. I need a pick me up.

Salut, Yuk Yuk’s!


The franchise YukYuk’s has found a NOUVEAU home in the basement of the Rialto Theatre. Welcome addition, indeed! Every Thursday to Saturday, 4 comics share the stage. This femme adores the funneh, so I went not once, but TWICE! AND, of my own accord!

Normally, because I get bored easily, going twice would be my worst nightmare, BUT the comiques were flexible and sharp with their material and that tickled this femme’s funny bone! That’s right: I heard NEW bits on the two different nights: WICKED!


The headliner, Rob Pue, wins le comedy cup for the most adaptable comique. He did 2 DIFFERENT SETS.


He kept trying different material until he found the audience’s comedy vein & then pumped that sucka full o’ bits.

IE: “I can’t talk about racism because I’m white? But we invented it.” or “Drinking. That’s how you forget everything… And then the feelings come back stronger than ever” or re attempting sex with too much liquor “Basically trying to put a marshmallow into a kitty litter box”.

Funneh, Mr. Pue!

Plus, when an eager audience member wanted to chime in, Rob kindly improv’ed, “Look, I’m not trying to be a d*ck. It’s just that I wrote a bunch of stuff and your part isn’t in it”.

Classy + funny = SUPER!

In addition, he not only had my well manicured fingers snapping in the air, but also had my hand smacked across mon bouche as he delivered shockingly poignant punchlines. A fav line that stuck out:

“Little girls are so cute and SMART. Ask any 3yr old what she wants to be and she’ll answer, “a princess!’. Smart: she wants money, a nice place to live and people to do sh*t for her.”

Gold, Monsieur!

Bonus of le soir: dead funny comic Kristen Van Hagen. Watch for her. She’s not a headliner yet, but she most certainly will be soon. A fav line of hers re: Cosmo’s Sex Tips for Filles:20140102-130452.jpg“The tip: kissing your man behind his knees…Really? Yea, you know when I’m down there, that’s all that he’s secretly hoping for, ‘PLEASE let her kiss me behind the knees this time!”

Late meeting avec the boss & she wants to let down her hair? Slip in for a set of giggles. Impromptu date with Mr. I-didn’t-think-I’d-like-him-this-much? Pull up a couple chairs to a cocktail table parfait for 2 & let the comics continue the night with seductive laughter.

Snowfall got you sad? Turn that frown upside down with the funny folk from Yuk Yuk’s as laughter truly is the best medicine!


Mlle Fab omedy Queen


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