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Top 10 FAB Moments of 2013

December 30, 2013

Each year I feel more blessed than the last, so when it comes time to pick my 2013 highlights, I inevitably want to include them all!

2013 has had me travel to far-off places, and brought me to parties and events I couldn’t have ever dreamed for.

With 2 new writers, M. Fab & Mlle Fab, we have had the opportunity to attend more invites, but having them on the team has also given me the chance to take a day off once in a while!

And then there is the ever-growing FAB family:


If it weren’t for all your support, comments, engagements and interactions, I would not be living my childhood dreams of sipping champagne and being fabulous!

Thank you!

Here are my top 10 memories you helped make possible in 2013.

1. Broadway’s Rock of Ages for a new Reality TV show.

Cast for SHAW TV’s ‘Make It Happen’, my dreams of performing with a Broadway cast became a reality!

2. A Designer Cupcake 

Crave Cupcake Limited Edition Mr. Fab Cupcake

After a very successful trial run of my self-created Mr. Fab’s Get Up & Go cupcake, my designer sweet returned in 2013 for a 1 month engagement thanks to the popularity of the collaboration!

3. Pallet Re-design for Charity

Shipping Pallet into a Mirror Mr. Fab

I love working with different charities, so when Make-A-Wish approached me and asked me to take an unassuming shipping palette and turn it into something beautiful to be auctioned off, I was only too excited to give it a go.

4. Covering the Canadian JUNO Awards.


There were the meet & greets, interviews, red carpets, concerts… And I was even able to hang out backstage during the live broadcast.

5. The Exclusive Launch of Tiffany & Co. ‘Ziegfeld Collection’.


Personally invited to view the newsest Ziegfeld collection by Tiffany & Co. I was able to share the Gatsby inspired items with the world, even before they did. It made me feel like the luckiest blogger on the web!

6. Saskatchewan Fashion Week


I will always stand behind my belief that this is the best way to experience a Fashion week in Canada.

7. ‘Crowning Around’ with Miss America


What made interviewing Mallory Hagan, 2012/13 Miss America, so memorable was her personality. One of the sweetest people I met in 2013!

8. My Award Winning Gelato


An idea which started as a way to pay homage to my ‘tipsy’ BFF’s had turned into an award-winning Fiaso Gelato creation! Blood Orange Mimosa & Pop Rocks.

9. Attending NYC Fashion Week

Coco Rocha and Mr.Fab (Large)

A dream I had for as long as I can remember came true in 2013 when I was invited to some of the biggest and best designer’s showing their S/S ’14 in NYC. The people and parties of Tiffany & Co., J. Crew, and H&M where most definitely my highlights… Oh, and meeting Coco Rocha (above) was pretty fabulous too!

10. The Boys Club


Interviewing my boy band crush Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, and meeting his boys from his newest venture ‘Men of the Strip’ was outrageously spectacular!

It was an exciting year filled with amazing adventures.

Endless thanks to my readers, PR firms and dreamers, like myself, for making 2013 truly fabulous!

Mr. Fab of 2013


Looking forward to reading your comments!