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A Holiday Wreath from Christmases Past

December 27, 2013

There are a few things I always do when I am home for the holidays.

Firstly, I eat!

I eat it all… and everything! Doesn’t really matter what it is, I’m on it.

And the second, I craft.

And this year’s little dandy has taken the holiday crafting trophy.

An antique ornament holiday wreath.

Antique Holiday Ornament Wreath How-to make

What better way to re-purpose your childhood Christmas decorations which no longer get used.

And the project is really simple.

First you’ll need 2 supplies from your craft store:

  • a large styrofoam round
  • hot glue gun

Then make the trek into your parents dark creepy basement and dust the cobwebs off the box marked ‘Christmas’ and select your faves.

Antique Holiday Ornament Wreath How-to

Start with planning where the ‘top’ of the wreath will be and glue down your best memory.

Then just work your way around, but remember to slightly slant each ornament in the direction of the top as you work your way around.

You’re almost done, but now you’ve run into a problem.

You need fillers!

Antique Holiday Ornament Wreath Vintage

So off to Target, Kmart, Walmart or any box store that might sell small glass ornaments. My best tip is to wait till boxing day/week… Not only will they be super cheap but you’ll get the tackiest ones… Exactly what you’re looking for.

And voila, a few shots of hot glue and some missing fingerprints later, you’ve got a beautiful holiday wreath full of memories and childhood whimsy!

A great way to pay homage to Christmases past!

Mr. Fab memories


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