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Scary Mall Santa’s 2013

December 19, 2013

Tis’ the season on FAB for a new round up of some of the most terrifying mall Santa’s you’ve ever seen.

So grab your sanitizer and throw down a towel because it’s time it’s time to take a seat for the most memorable Christmas photo of the year with ‘Jolly’ Ol’ Saint Nick!

“Ummmm Santa….

Bad Mean Santa Mall pics


“…please tell me that’s a candycane it your pocket!”

And although some Santa’s keep their smiles above the waist, this baby wasn’t about to let her guard down.

Bad frightening santa picture

“Just smile… play it cool… ohhh God, play it cool!”

Then there are the ones we all know have spent more time in prison than enjoying their freedom.

Scary Mall Santa Pictures

Now maybe it’s wrong to assume all these Santa’s are all convicted criminals… I mean, not all of them have been convicted.

If the ‘mit’ doesn’t fit, then the jury must acquit!

Criminal Mall Santa Clause Pics

Looks like juror #3 doesn’t agree with that verdict.

And lastly there are the Santa’s that just live in the mall basement and dust themselves off year after year.

Horrifying mall SantaFor Christmas, based on Santa’s pinkie nail, he’s asked for more powdery white stuff under the tree.

Let it snow!

To all the mall Santa’s, may your probation be up each December, we would be lost without you.

Creepy Santa Scaring Kids MAll

Merry Christmas!

Mr. Fab ad santa!


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