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Holiday Giveaway with Fiasco Gelato

December 18, 2013

For me, Christmas starts on November 12th. The holiday music begins and continues until the snow melts. Something about the season puts a permanent smile on my face even when its -38 and I can’t feel my toes.

And then there are the tastes of the season.

Eggnog, Hot ChocolateGingersnap and Cranberries!

So image the squeal I let out when I saw the Fiasco Gelato Holiday line up!

Fiasco Gelato Holiday Collection (1)

It is so exceptional that it would even put a smile on the Grinch’s face… Or anyones face for that matter.

And that’s exactly why I’ll be sending their holiday collections as gifts this year!

Recently, Fiasco Gelato started an online shop and to help you steer clear of the busy malls and snow-covered roads, they’ll even deliver it for you! (within Calgary city limits).

And until December 22th, if you place an online order over $75 they’ll personally deliver it to you or your gift recipients for FREE!!


All you need to do is enter MRFABULOUS in the checkout field for free delivery and KAZAM, Gelato on your doorstep!

Think it’s too chilly for gelato? It’s not!!… But even so, their ‘Drinking Chocolate’ with homemade marshmallows will warm you up! You have never tasted a more rich and flavorful hot chocolate than this!

Fiasco Gelato Holiday Collection (2)

But that’s not all.

Fiasco Gelato also wants to send an early Christmas Gift to 2 of my local readers!!!

All you need to do is check out their holiday collection HERE and let me know what 1 item you’d love to find under your tree. And on Sunday, I’ll randomly pick 2 requests and make it happen!

A delicious holiday treat from Fab and Fiasco!


You can send me your gift pick to @immrfabulous via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or just leave a comment below!

I can’t wait to fill your stocking with delicious Fiasco Gelato!

Ohhh and if I were to pick my favorite,

Frozen Hot Chocolate Gelato!


Using Bernard Callebaut Cocoa, they make a milk chocolate base, and add in dulce de leche for extra rich caramel flavour. Then their house-made vanilla bean marshmallows are folded throughout.


Mr. Fab holiday collection


  1. Yay Fiasco! I would LOVE the deluxe pint box with those adorable bowls. Yummy AND cute!! Would help to feed everyone on Christmas Day. At our house. Eeek! Merry Christmas FAB family!

  2. OMG they all look so good, house made marshmallows, drinking chocolate, frozen hot chocolate?!?! So hard to pick one. I would love the HOUSEMADE DRINKING CHOCOLATE GIFTBOX FOR 4 under my tree, perfect for a post-dinner drink for all those dinners I’m hosting

  3. I’d love to try the cranberry orange sorbetto. Any time we lactards can have dessert without popping pills first is a Christmas miracle! 😉

  4. How adorable is this! I am dying to try the Homemade marshmallows, so if the Housemade Drinking Chocolate Giftbox appeared under my tree I would be thrilled. What a perfect Christmas gift 🙂

  5. You are seriously amazing!! I’ve been eyeing the fiasco holiday collection for a few weeks now, but it would be so lovely to find the orange-cranberry sorbetto under my tree! I haven’t had Fiasco gelato/sorbetto since they closed their shops 🙁

  6. I raced to CO-OP the day the holiday collection came out and purchased the gingersnap gelato…I swore I would make it last for a few days but it didn’t even make until that night lol. It was delicious. I would love find the HOLIDAY PINT COLLECTION WITH SCOOP GIFTBOX and try all of the other holiday flavors..yum.

  7. I would love to find the HOLIDAY PINT COLLECTION WITH SCOOP GIFTBOX under my tree – it looks delicious.

  8. I would be delighted to receive the Deluxe Holiday Pint Collection to share with friends and family! Merry Christmas Mr. Fabulous!

  9. I want everything but i would LOVE the Deluxe Holiday Pint Collection Giftbox. Thanks Mr. Fabulous have a great holiday! xoxo

  10. I would love to get the gelato gift set! but, since you said ONE item, I’d want the Frozen Hot Chocolate Gelato too. Sounds soo yummy!

  11. Yum! I love Fiasco Gelato! I would really like to try that Cranberry-Orange Sorbetto, and wow really craving some housemade marshmallows too.. Ok, let’s be honest, if I found the Deluxe Holiday Pint Collection Giftbox under my tree, I’d be ecstatic!!

  12. Let’s just say I got a subtle hint of what should compliment the pickles in the fridge this Christmas.
    If you could help me a couple frozen hot chocolate gelatos that would awesome!

  13. Happy Holidays, I think page 1 counts and is fabulous!! I would pick page 1.. Thank you so much for sharing that fantastic idea!! That way it is possible to share with my neighbours.. Making everyone feel the holiday spirit during Christmas!

  14. My fav is the dark chocolate sorbetto. But the hot drinking chocolate and housemate marshmallows are a must on Xmas day!! So hard to choose we luv everything!! Merry Xmas to all!!

  15. Given my indecisive nature….I would pick the Deluxe Holiday Pint Collection Giftbox! That way you try ALL the FAB new flavours. Oh my….delicious christmas eve fare!

  16. You are so much fun! They all look amazing. The holiday collection with scoop would be heavenly under the tree 🙂

  17. If I couldn’t have Mr. Fab under my tree I would definitely “settle” for the deluxe holiday gift pint collection under my tree. Merry Christmas

Looking forward to reading your comments!