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A FAB Christmas in NYC

December 17, 2013

With the FAB team calling 3 different Canadian cities home, we get to experience how residents across Canada ‘do’ the holidays. But there is one place on earth, where the windows are the best dressed, that always takes the holiday ‘fruit’ cake!

New York City!


This December, all three of us, Mlle, M. and Mr. Fab hopped trains, planes and buses to bring our readers a taste of NYC and a look at our picks for ‘Best Holiday Window’.

Here’s our top festive picks:

M. Fab

I loved the classic, clean and intricate Tiffany & Co. windows, but my heart sang when I saw Bergdorf Goodman’s.

I loved their theme of Holidays on Ice and my ultimate, favourite window was their take on Valentine’s Day.


From the chandelier dripping crystals and icicles to the opulent roses, cakes and chocolates draped in real jewels, my eyes didn’t know where to gaze first.

Bergdorf Windows 2013 NYC (4)

The amount of detail is astounding. I have never seen a Christmas window display so lavishly sumptuous. So phenomenally extravagant. There was no doubt when choosing my 2013 New York Christmas Window #1.

Mr. Fab

I always love the whimsy of the Macy’s windows. This year a travelling Yeti stole the scene.

Macy's Yeti Holiday Windows 2013 NYC

But still, one particular window at Bergdrof Goodman took top billing for me.

The theme, ‘Holidays on Ice’, this Halloween inspired window was not only imaginative… It also shared the story of the former mansion that used to occupy the store’s current location.

Bergdorf Windows 2013 NYC (2)

From 1883 to 1928 the Cornelius Vanderbilt mansion spanned the entire city block. Now as the home of Bergdorf Goodman, the retailer has paid homage to the former land owner.

Bergdorf Windows 2013 NYC (1)

Mlle Fab

While celebrating my bday in NYC, I couldn’t help but also celebrate the holiday windows. NYC NOËL IS TRÈS BEAUX! I’m surprised that there weren’t more accidents due to flooding of people on 5th avenue.

And my favorite window… Bergdorf Goodman too!!

bergdorf  Ice Queen Window NYC 2103

The theme was ‘Holidays on Ice’ and this J Mendel window ‘Frozen Time’ took my breath away… If time could stand still, I would have taken that mannequin’s place.

Until I’m dripping in sables & diamonds, I will continue to practice!

Joyeux Noël, mes chéris!

There will always be the NYC classics. The Tree, The Radio City Rockettes, The Skating Rinks but one thing is forever changing…

The beautiful holiday windows of NYC retailers.

Merry Christmas

the FAB family.

Looking forward to reading your comments!