The Nash by Michael Noble

December 13, 2013

Last night I was mysteriously invited back in time. The year was 1907 and I was standing in 52,000 sq feet formerly known as the National Hotel.

Once a meeting place for Calgarians, the main floor of the hotel, which had been taken down to its studs, has seen a lifetime of interesting faces and spaces.


Currently a space used to store Persian rugs, the former National Hotel will be undergoing a spacial redesign, lead by Sarah Ward Interiors.


And thanks to the mastermind chef Michael Noble already behind Notable in Bowness, the historic former national hotel will be transformed into a new spectacular restaurant venture simply named:

The Nash!


Located in Inglewood, The Nash’s final secrets are still under locked lip but as Micheal noted last night, there will be more than one space and one purpose behind his new establishment.

“The former hotel lobby that we are standing in now will become a lounge, and as dinner winds down, ‘Off Cut’ will take on a personality of its own!”

The Nash will truly transform the way people in Calgary’s Inglewood community play and dine!


And if a sneak peak at their new signature cocktail, The Nash Splash, is any indication of the deliciousness factor… This city is in for a real treat!

The Nash is scheduled to open in the fall of 2014, you can already start to follow the progress and birth of The Nash via social media @nashyyc

Mr. Fab splash


Looking forward to reading your comments!