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W SkinCare Arrives in Toronto

December 11, 2013

When I read about Lorinda Zimmerman’s revolutionary and fresh approach to skin health, I knew I needed to experience what Hollywood’s A-list have been
keeping a secret for so many years.

The problem was, she was in Vancouver and I Amsterdam.


That was the problem until W SkinCare recently opened their doors in Toronto. A little finagling later and my dreams had at last come true; I was able to meet Lorinda.

During the past 13 years Lorinda Zimmerman has not only met and transformed the appearance of many a Hollywood starlet, she has refined her technique and in doing so achieved the deserving reputation as The Skin Care Goddess.

No injections, no down-time, no drama.


This exclusive, boutique-style clinical skin care centre is small for a reason. Lorinda believes in one-to-one attention.  Cultivating a loyal following through individualized attention and care so the quality is kept extremely high.


This is not a factory. It is intimate, professional and has a unique energy – excitement and pride because the work done here has changed lives. Sounds corny, right? It’s not.  She will take clients with rosacea, severe eczema and, using her unique combination of Low Level Laser Therapy and Microdermabrasion techniques, heal and build up their skin.

Coming from the mild Vancouver climate to Toronto’s more ‘in your face’ weather, Lorinda has an important tip for us Easterners:

Protection! Protection! Protection!

  • Layer your products – SPF first, then serum then a moisturizer. Your make-up can go on top of this.

Though, with her treatments, you may not want to wear make-up at all!


I was lucky enough to experience her famous, pain-free Cold Gel Laser treatment when I was there and let me tell you – I am f*cking glowing. And it only gets better I’m told.

If you are interested, let Mr Fab know, and we can post the results of my final treatment on our FaceBook page for you to see.

Watch out for copycats Toronto! Lorinda and W SkinCare is the only place in Toronto that offers the real deal!

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Looking forward to reading your comments!