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Pastaopéra: Antoni Vitali meets Antonio Banderas

November 26, 2013

As a little girl all I ever wanted was cheese & pasta. Luckily, my parents enrolled me in dance classes from the moment I exited le womb, otherwise I’d be writing this in my head as Jillian Micheals yelled chubby bunny slurs at me.

SO, how excited was I to receive an invite to Pastaopéra?!


Four course meal accompanied by opera ‘tasters’.

Rialto Theatre’s Il Ristorante houses tenor, Davide Bazzali, and his wife, as they serenade with classical & contemporary repertoire between serving a meal he made before the concert.

HE MADE IT ALL FROM SCRATCH. Whomever said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is full of *$#%. Tonight, that quote is all about moi.

Let the carb fête begin!


Mes petit choux, I almost don’t want to tell you about this because I’m selfish.

DAVIDE. He cooks, has a beautiful tone & is a handsome face: WHY WOULD I WANT TO SHARE THAT?! Because Mr. Fab will spank me if I don’t.

My fav, of course, was the dessert. JOLIE. A reinterpreted parma cake: amaretti floating in brandied cream anglais topped avec chocolate mousse. He called it ‘zuppa inglese’. I called it ‘This Chair is Gonna Need to Be Cleaned Uppa’.


20131126-015010.jpgAn evening of live song accompanied by Davide’s dishes: a lovely evening definitely meant for the whole family. I’d type more but a carb coma is coming on.

Be sure to book your tickets for the next sitting Dec 15th. Chef Davide will tease your tastebuds while he goes to first base with your ears.

20131126-020205.jpgPastaopera should expand. I’m thinking Nightcapabies or Lullacaps.

I’ll be waiting in my flannels.


Mlle Fab ioli


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