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Collectif9 aka Here Are My Underpinnings

November 18, 2013

Alright. Let’s get real. Musique classique makes you think of your grandmother’s dentures soaking in Polident, correct? Well, mes chères, I would like to change your beautiful minds.

Drum roll, svp! May I introduce:

Collectif9 at the Rialto Theatre!


Hip, Fun & Sexy. 12 classical musicians on a beautifully preserved stage, which is a National Historic Site: are you f*cking kidding moi?!

The building is in a word: gorgeous. Inspired by the Paris Opera House, over time this 1920s movie palace eventually became the elegant venue that it is today. Featuring live performances in Montréal’s well known quartier Mile End, it’s a bumpin’ theatre with live acts almost EVERY SOIR of the week: Incroyable! Ruby red backdrop avec gilded gold accents lighted by victorian inspired fixtures? Tellement belle!


Now, the musicians. 4 violins, 2 altos, 2 violoncellos & 1 contrebasse as well as a percussionist, contreténor & soprano. They played 11 pieces from many different composers with a sprinkling of the 2 vocalists. IE Giovanni to Brahms to Shostakovich to Bartok.


What I appreciated most was how accessible the music was to everyone. Oui, the musicians rocked out with each other, but the wicked lighting assisted in creating a stadium concert feel. On top of it all, their collective musicianship was ÜBER tight. Simple classical musique at it’s best: PRÉCISE! What a gift to listen to. Vintage petit syrah for the ears, indeed.

The talent is incredibly sexy. I now understand why classique musicians were rockstars back in the day. If it weren’t for my darn tights, the contrebasse would’ve been the proud owner of a black lacy petit vêtement…too far? That’s how je roll!


And, a shout out to Andrea Stewart, one of the vioncelles. She had a solo that I wish I could’ve recorded, but this femme didn’t want to be disrespectful mon premiére voyage out. Plus, let’s be honest, I was mesmerized. Her fingers were moving so fast that they akin to Little ADHD Timmy aprés eating his entire pillow case of hallowe’en candy: CRAZY FAST!

To appease, here is a teaser of Collectif9.

I’m honestly thrilled that I got to attend: merci beaucoup to Barbara & Rialto Theatre . Virtuoso musicians, indeed. Prochaîne concert, I’m nixing the tights ; ).


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