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Café Olimpico

November 12, 2013

Home sweet home… Montréal… after unpacking, this femme needs caffeine so off to Café Olimpico!


Since my first introduction to this european influenced café in the Mile End quartier, it has always held a special place in mon coeur. Pourquoi? 3 reasons.


1. Killer café.
Café Olimpico was founded by Rocco Furfaro and is now run by his two beautiful filles: Rossana & Victoria. It has definitely withstood the test of time. On the way to work & hankering for a truly decent pull? Look no further: arretez. The taste? Shut your face. Just shut it & savour. (Heads up: if you usually order soy or almond milk, you are basically the horned one incarnate: these Italians NEVER mess with the taste of a true espresso).


2. Killer aesthetics.
Les verres & la terasse. The glassware & the patio. I’m basically a raccoon. Dangle a sparkly object near my vicinity & it’ll be in my well manicured paws before you can say: “!”. Not only the taste, but the presentation needs to be spotlighted: café dans a glass. Trés chic. And, the terasse? Um, QUOI?! Hands down, THEE best café patio I have ever experienced in Canada because of the atmosphere. Grab a spot on the community style benches & sip your macchiato as you peruse Psychology Today, Vogue Paris or perhaps organize your clutch from last night’s soirée – i.e. no one needs to carry 3 nail files, a hairbrush, 4 different shades of lipstick & 6 business cards… Maybe keep the business cards…


3. Killer clientèle.
La clientéle…in one afternoon you’ll meet every single walk of life – businessmen to artists to entrepreneurs to financiers to students. And beardies. Prepare to make friends. Or a private render-vous: oui, svp! Did I mention the Beardies? (You’re welcome in advance.) The bonus: if you’re bored with your reading material, you can regardez the people walking by without feeling like you’re NSA. It’s not stalking if one is savouring a cappuccino…right?…*mlle fab stashes binoculars in clutch*


Picture it. Early saturday am, you roll over to be greeted by her smiling face. You silently thank the powers that be that she didn’t smoke bomb you last night, just as you realize that your frigo is empty. How to keep her smiling? Take your femme to Café Olimpico for delicious pastries with her morning bevie! After that, it’s up to you mon ami…if you’re stuck for conversation, I’ll be lounging in the sunshine & ready with a story or five. All you have to do is bring me a tasse of Olimpico’s finest…


Mlle Fab uccino

  1. Love this place! Had a lovey coffee here with a friend of mine who is a local musician and tours globally! This cafe is a great spot where lots of local musicians gather 🙂

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