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A Halloween with Hard Rock

November 11, 2013

This year Halloween seemed to go on forever!

With October 31st falling on a Thursday, it seemed unclear if it would be best to party with costumes the weekend prior, or celebrate it a few days after the fact.

Me, I decided to find a party that would happen on the actual day!

Off to Palm Springs, where the inaugural Feartastics BB’s Monster Rock Party was about to take place.

BB Halloween Bash Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

Photo by Lani Garfield

The setting, the new and shiny Hard Rock Hotel.

And this was the perfect place to host such an elaborate event. The hotel hosted 3 separate areas with very different parties!

Right through the front doors, the entire lobby, lounge and mile long bar was packed shoulder to shoulder with party goers dressed in creative and playful costumes.

Feartastic Monster Rock Palm Springs

Photo by Lani Garfield

The DJ had the crowd pumping their fists Jersey Shore style and the liquid libation was flowing.

Through the doors and out to the pool, an open aired dance floor where my BFF and I spent most of our time floating our Jelly Fish costumes under the stars.


Then down an escalator and into the sub terrain, a VIP area, a new DJ and a 30 minute Halloween show which featured some pretty spectacular dance moves and live vocals.


The party and space mixed together better than Adam & Eve and the choice of music and atmosphere made sure to appeal to all tastes.


With the first year under their belt, I look forward to visiting again next year.

This party will grow and I’m certain LA & San Diego residents will reconsider staying local next year.

Mr. Fab fish



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