Three Wish Thursday #3

November 7, 2013

It’s no secret I like to eat, and I’ll pretty much shove anything into my mouth. (Get your mind out of the gutter)…

So this Three Wish Thursday is a compilation of treats for this weekend. Things that your mouth has never experienced!

Daneson Toothpicks (single malt flavor) $35

Daneson toothpick Single Malt

My friend Sue LOVES scotch and I’m certain she has tried it all… But single malt toothpicks!???

I’ll be a hero at her next party!

32 effervescence breath treatment
$36 – 40 pack.


You’re still sober but you smell like a liqour store, you’ll need something to make your breath un-arrest-able.

The ENO of mouth washes will keep you out of jail and possibly even get you to second base.

Monkey Butter PB 
dark chocolate banana $10

Monkey Butter

Sunday morning and you’re crawling to the kitchen hoping to find an uneaten birthday cake.

Viola! Smear some of this on toast and you’ll be satisfying your sweet tooth and hangover!

So keep it sober or get white girl wasted this weekend. Three Wish Thursday’s got you covered!

Mr. Fab & tasty


Looking forward to reading your comments!