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10:26 A Halloween to Die For!

October 30, 2013

Hallow’s Eve in YYC and with Grave Gala gone, what’s a belle to do!?

My choice, the inaugural soirée of 10.26 by dynamic duo Katy Bond & Derek MacDonald! Pourquoi pas


It’s the zombie apocalypse: brain starved ‘things’, men in fatigues, doctors ensuring that one is indeed human & lab techs serving bevies.

This femme was impressed with the mise-en-scene. The caged-in moaning zombies reaching to catch an unguarded limb, dark moody lighting & stainless steel scaffolding embodied the life after virus attack.

Extra visual treat: zombie group dance avec combinations lifted straight from choreographer Michael Peters’ gem ‘Thriller’. (Super tight choreo: nicely done, undead ones!)

Unique Halloween Costumes

Now, onto what adult hallowe’en is all about: letting one’s inner 4 yr old wear her tiara  and other ‘creative’ costuming.

Some favs:

300 aka ‘mind if lady washes her clothes on your stomach?’ & Waldo femme.

Sexy Hallloween Costumes

Pop Art Come to Life & H*ll hath no fury like a woman scorned or sprouting fur: Wolf Girl..

Odd Halloween Costumes

Top Gun. There’s nothing else to say. Side note: anyone have a towel?

Sexy Guy Halloween Costume

Mlle didn’t forget about you gents. Ships Ahoy, Mateys: Sailor Ladies. Maybe she’ll let you steer into her harbour ; )?

One honorable mention for creativity: ‘The Calgary Flood’.

The piece de resistance? All costumes were immortalized by brilliant YYC photog Phil Crosier.

Werrrrk those angles!

10 6

Themed party avec sexy young professionals… You best keep 10:25 and 10:31 open as possible dates in 2014!

This is the party to die for, again & again…



Mlle Fab erry shortcake


PS, if you find the purple pie man, send him my way.

Looking forward to reading your comments!