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White House Black Market opens in Canada!

October 24, 2013

Last night in Toronto, M.Fab and I teamed up to welcome the popular American based White House | Black Market to Canada with their first retail store opening north of the border.

As I approached the storefront, which is located in the stunning Yorkdale Shopping Centre, I was taken aback by the façade.

It screamed ‘Opulent Mansion!’


Seeing it had me feeling like I had just walked into a scene from the popular television series Dynasty.

I was Krystle Jennings, and entering the store was like entering the closet of Alexis Carrington Colby.

I wanted everything she owned, but I had to play it cool. After all, I was a lady of a  particular standing, and it was best not to let them see envy in my eyes.


Inside the store it was everything I have come to expect from a longstanding American retailer. Well placed crystal adornments on tops, flowy easy-to-wear fabrics and a well-chosen colour palette.

And to mimic the store’s vivacious collection, the personalities of the team behind the brand were in-house ready to show their guests some of their southern hospitality.

Pass after pass of delicious American styled snacks made their way throughout the store.

White House Black Market Cananda Food

Grilled cheese sandwiches, medium rare sliders, and skewered chicken nuggets topped the menu.

And that wasn’t all!

The perfect host wouldn’t have dreamt of sending their guest home without dessert.


Or endless trays of desserts for that matter!

White House | Black Market not only knows how to cater to their stylish women, but to the tummies of their male clientele as well.

As I continued to shove my cheeks full of treats like a squirrel preparing for a long winter, M.Fab took a closer look at the collection.

Here’s what she has to say:

For Canadians who have not yet heard of the brand White House | Black Market, the fashion could be closest compared to the aesthetic of Suzy Shier but at a Jacob price point.

Clothing that doesn’t make a loud statement but will leave you feeling put together.


Most of their collection can be mixed and matched as it shares similar colour palettes, prints and textures.

The perfect ‘I-work-in-an-office-and-want-to-look-professional-but-not-stuffy’ kind of collection.

And their party:

The event hosts couldn’t have been more hospitable. Wine and bubbles were flowing and a never-ending parade of delicious American-style bites circulated the store.


The brand ambassadors at the event let us know how excited they were, not only to have opened their first Canadian store in Yorkdale Mall, but that they will also be opening up 2 more Ontario stores in the next 2 weeks.
(Square One & Upper Canada)

But what about the rest of the country?

Sadly their current plans do not include anything West of Ontario.

Regardless we are happy they’ve decided to share 3 stores with Canada and couldn’t have been more excited to have been invited to Toronto to share their exciting first day!

White House Black Market Yorkdale Mall Toronto (Large)

Welcome to Canada White House | Black Market!

Thanks for bringing North your fabulous US hospitality.

Mr. Fab market & M. Fab ubbles & Bites


Looking forward to reading your comments!