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Marquee in YYC

October 23, 2013

When Mr. Fab is away, Mlle Fab will play. The spot?

Marquee Beer Market & Stage!


Back in the day, the Back Alley was renowned as thee venue for live music in Calgary, but akin to the mum refusing to part with her nipple grazing slacks, the nightclub also suffered the same ‘failing to get off the bus’ syndrome. IE: stuck in 2002 with flared jeans & my ex bf’s Nelly mix CD.

Luckily, the YYC nightspot has undergone a much needed facelift thanks to Peter Hribar of Hribar Design Studio. The results: Marquee is fresh, hip & stylish.


Marquee’s opening launch was a fantastic evening: cornucopia of canapés, bevie of breuvages & a covert concert with Calgary’s Dojo Workhorse. ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING MOI?!

This band blows my mind. The lead singer’s tone is dulce de leche drizzled on freshly salted popcorn. Oui: deliciously wicked to the ears, indeed. Give this lady seconds, svp!


Student Nights to Live Bands to Ladies’ Night: Marquee truly has something for everyone.

-Your BF lives in south YYC? Make him happy by providing great beers on tap without the large cab fare from 10th Ave.

-Your southside femme wants a verre of red? Tempt her with a pinot noir on tap. (Due to this EU style of serving wine, the vin will always be the perfect temperature: oui, svp!)

-It’s date #2 and concerned you have a princess on your hands? Take her for balsamic drizzled popcorn and a lindt chocolate brownie – Marquee has you covered!

-Worried that the carb party will put the cow in the ‘cowtown’ moniker? No worry, mes amis, because there is a massive dance floor to sashay the night & calories away. No one to dance with? LIES! The fun loving ‘tenders are up for anything…even an impromptu photoshoot:



Merci beaucoup to the handsome Dojo bassist & beautiful Anstice Communications maven who sent lady home with an album & a bottle of vodka. Needle Dropping & dirty martinis? Oui, svp!

Resto during the day and nightclub in the nuit: Marquee marks the YYC South Spot, indeed! Marquee, I leave you with with this thought:

“Frenchy Fridays – Get Your Ooh La La On”…



Mlle Fab ooh la la


Looking forward to reading your comments!