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Model Monday with Stacey McKenzie

October 21, 2013

With billions of people in the world, I think I may have just met the nicest!

Stacey McKenzie and Mr (3)

From the age of 5, Stacey McKenzie dreamt of becoming a top model. With her long legs and exotic Jamacian look, you would have guessed agencies would be fighting for the chance just to meet with her; but this was not the case.

Being told her look was ‘too distinct’ for the Canadian market, she packed her bags and headed to NYC to make a name in the fashion world; and that’s exactly what she did.

Stacey McKenzie and Mr (1)

One of her most memorable moments had her walking the runway in Paris for John Paul Gaultier.

Overwhelmed when she saw Lenny Kravitz seated in the front row, she hopped off the catwalk and took a seat in his lap. When she realized what she had done she finished her strut on the runway and headed behind the curtains, sure she’d be fired!

Stacey McKenzie and Mr (2)

Backstage, Stacey stood frozen as JPG approached her. But to her surprise, he applauded her!

“Magnifique!!” He exclaimed.

Her antics had caused a buzz and regardless of whether the reports were good or bad, her actions had created a story.

But she was regretful and promised him she’d never let it happen again.

His response… “Be Yourself!”

And from that moment on, she’s lived that message.

“Love what you do and have a good time doing it.”

Stacey McKenzie and Mr (4)

During my 45 minute sit down the successful model who has also bridged into television as a mentor and judge during 2 seasons of Canada’s Next Top Model, I could tell she has been thankful and grateful for all her successes.

And as if Stacey weren’t busy enough, she has also inspired people with her workshop, Walk This Way, where she travels the world sharing her wealth of knowledge from the fashion industry to motivate individuals to celebrate who THEY are and pursue their dreams.

Stacey is indeed a breath of fresh air and I was lucky to have met her!

She’s beautiful inside and out!

Mr. Fab kenzie


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