Attack of the Pumpkin!

October 18, 2013

It’s October, which in the food industry is code for, ‘pumpkin flavor’!

If your line this month isn’t complimented with the big orange fruit, then you’ll be shunned.

So let’s what’s pumpkin-ized

Kraft Dinner.


No that’s not a pumpkin cheese sauce, but somehow the jack-o-lantern noodles have me October satisfied.

Cream Cheese


This came as no surprise. After all, they’ve flavored this product a million times over.
Try mixing this into your Kraft Dinner for a creamy surprise.



Nothing says Hello October like having your house smell like a chemically smelling pumpkin pie.

Yoplait Yogurt


I hate pumpkin pie. Fact.
But this yogurt is crust-less and tastes sweet and creamy. Toss it in the freezer for a fat-free frozen treat!

Coffee Creamer


Let’s face it, unless you’re planning a bankruptcy, racking up your credit card with Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes is irresponsible decision.
This tastes just as delicious with black coffee at a fraction of the cost.

So what ever you’re in the mood for this October, join the team and make sure it’s gourd flavored!

Mr. Fab umpkin


Looking forward to reading your comments!