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‘Twas the Night

October 17, 2013

Christmas is my favorite time of year, so when CORE shopping invited me to a very special and intimate reveal party where they were to unveil the secrets behind their annual ‘Twas the Night event, I decided to hop a morning flight direct from Holland, and landed with just enough time to freshen up.


Almost 3 years ago, CORE shopping reopened after a lengthy renovation. The new look kicked off with one of Calgary’s most exciting holiday parties which has now become an annual tradition.

‘Twas the Night

So last night, as I sat under the ceiling of endless glass after hours, stars twinkled and visions of sugar plums danced in my head as teasers were shared about the upcoming night.

CORE shopping Twas the Night Calgary 2013 (3)

With bated breath I waited the reveal of the celebrity artist who would be performing at this years ‘Twas… but that information would come a little bit later in the evening.

After all, this was a Holiday event and what would that look like without prezzies!!!

CORE shopping Twas the Night Calgary 2013 (4)

A new winter look from my friends at H&M, hand selected by the CORE’s stylists! I felt pretty special and spectacular!

But that was just the start of the surprises!

The tables were set and the meals were served by Metropolitan Grill. Three delicious courses with a wondrous surprise between them!


Forget the basket of bread, these meals were being served with a side of model in a glamorous holiday fashion show!

CORE shopping Twas the Night Calgary 2013 (5)

And then the moment we had all been waiting for: the announcement of the ‘Twas the Night special guests.

First up, the host of the evening…Canadian born MTV personality and actor Dan Levy.

Dan Levy with Mr.Fab

This year all the party guests will get their chance to get up close and personal with him as they enter the event via the red carpet.

And the announcement of who would be performing.

Well if you know me and you know who my favourite Canadian artist is, then you’ll know exactly how high-pitched my squeal was when they announced them

None other than the amazingly talented Jann Arden!

CORE shopping Twas the Night Calgary 2013 (1)

She will take center stage that night and perform a 20 minute set accompanied by her amazing trio.

I honestly couldn’t be more excited!

So here’s the dish on the Where, When and Why of ‘Twas the Night.

On the evening of November 27th, 2013 beginning at 6:30pm, the mall doors will open to the public for FREE! This is a ticketless event but because holiday is about as much about giving as it is receiving, CORE shopping has selected five charities to be the benefactors for 100% of any donations they receive that evening. As such, thought should be given to a reasonable $15 donation which can be made at the doors.

This will be a night to be entertained, shop and to come together to demonstrate how important community is!

Thank you CORE shopping for including me in this beautiful evening, I look forward to sharing the night ‘Twas the Night again with you and my readers on November 27th.

I’ll be there with bells on!

Mr. Fab the night


Looking forward to reading your comments!