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How to Halloween

October 16, 2013

For the last several years I’ve been taking part in the same Halloween party with the Calgary Opera, Grave Gala.

FAB Grave Gala

But sadly my yearly tradition and event highlight of my year has been buried like a zombie… With no plans to resurrect.

So now what!?

This October, a few new events have popped up to take its place and I’ve been left to jump in with both feet into the unknown.

Two events have made it on to the top of my list.

Replacing Grave Gala & the Halloween Howler this year at Hotel Arts will be Fright Fest for the Arts, planned and hosted by a new group of local artists


The talented troop will dazzle onlookers and their antics are sure not to disappoint this Halloween.
Tickets are $105 and can be purchased HERE

The second party, 10.26, will be held at an unexpected location: Belgo. And it is being produced by a new talented events team named ‘Social Committee’

The grand space of Belgo’s establishment will play backdrop to this inaugural event.

HAlloween Party Calgary 10 26_poster

Earlier this year the same team threw a private birthday party, so over indulgent and opulent in scale, that I was told by a friend who was in attendance, “If I were you I’d never attempt to throw yourself a birthday party ever again… I’ve seen the best; yours would be an embarrassment in comparison!”

Well if they can throw a private birthday party of the year, I’m certain they’re going to throw one heck of an amazing public event!

It’s time for Calgary to see what they’ve got and as such, 10.26 will be my Halloween event of choice!

Best part, tickets are a steal at just $65!
You can buy them HERE

So it’s time to don a blonde wig, tattered fish nets and some cheek piercings because Fabmada Bynes is ready to party!


Happy Trick or Treating!

Mr. Fab elgo 10.26


Looking forward to reading your comments!