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October 11, 2013

Last Christmas I received a ceramic unicorn skull finished with a golden horn. It was the best gift I have received in years!

For someone who loves shopping, I’d thought I’d seen it all. But never this… Where did it come from?

Unicorn with golden horn

Dick & Janes, a little gem of a boutique on 17th ave in Calgary, AB.

Of course, the one store which I had over looked a million times while shopping along the famed avenue.

With literally hundreds of places to explore over multiple blocks, 17th Ave has really become a place to spend the day.

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Coffee with friends, dinner with your love, shopping and dancing; 17th Ave’s got it all!

A few weeks ago, the committee behind the amazing revitalization contact me and asked to feature me and my perfect day along 17th.

Custard Milkshakes and Photo ops,
I was honoured!

Mr. Fab Top Blogger

So check out my story on their website, or head down to 17th ave and create your own!

Meet me on 17th!

Mr. Fab discoveries

photographer info upon request

Looking forward to reading your comments!