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Save Your Boobies & Balls

October 10, 2013

My Auntie Sharon, a former travel agent, played a bigger part in my life than she’ll ever know. Many of my dreams and aspirations were formed watching her life’s adventures unfold!


Although she passed away from Breast Cancer over 10 years ago, I have continued to honour her with her same passion for travel.

The first time I went to Asia, I imagined she was on the flight with me and when I went to London to see Big Ben, I felt like she was standing right beside me. She sits with me front rows at fashion shows and she’ll be there when I go alligator hunting in the swamps of Louisiana.

I never spent a lot of time with her, but her spirit for life captured and engaged me.


With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November turning all things moustaches to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer, I urge all my readers to take a few minutes and donate some time to any one of the numerous organizations who are working 365 days to find answers and solutions to these horrible diseases.

Upcoming events like Boobyball, on October 24th are a great way to celebrate life whilst making a small financial donation at the same time. ($65/ticket)

Boobyball Calgary

And within the month or two, play hooky from your hectic schedule to celebrate your own life. Do something you’ve always wanted to do and call someone you love and take them with you!

We are lucky for the time we have, and we all need to make this the best life we can!

No regrets, no missed opportunity.

Mr. Fab life

  1. Ryan thank you for honoring my birth mother Sharon and the grandmother to my children! Breast Cancer steals lives and it took Sharon’s at the prime of her life! She loved life and loved travel and the experience her worldly journey brought her! I encourage everyone to have yearly mammograms this includes men! Being pro active could save your life! Support your local Cancer Society! Sharon lives within us Ryan thank you for working towards bring awareness!

Looking forward to reading your comments!