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Only the Best: REMY

October 8, 2013

It’s not every day you get a call from a company asking if they can throw you and your readers a party…
So when Rémy Martin with their sexy French accent asked, my answer was an excited: “Oui Oui!”
Quickly realizing French was not my forte, I sent out an SOS for Mlle Fab to fly in to host the party with me.

Now our intentions were to invite all our readers, but when the AGLC heard I was tossing invites from the roof tops, the party was almost shut down… So I sneakily invited a dozen random readers to join me at the private affair.


Now let’s be honest, Rémy Martin’s cognac has a minimum 70 proof alcohol content, so what was planned to be a technical night of brand awareness turned into a WGW night for Fab. Luckily Mlle was there, surely she was more well behaved!

Welcome to ‘He Said, She Said’ a short list of random thoughts.

The space:

Remy Martin Calgary AB FAB (3)

MR– when the taxi pulled up out front of the secret location, the driver warned me not to get out.
“I’m pretty sure that’s an abandoned building; you must have the wrong address”

Remy Martin Calgary AB FAB (2)

MLLE – Rémy Martin ‘Coeur de Cognac’ soirée? Shut your face & where are my pearls?! Picture it: a lone hidden door. Even though you have visions of the opening scene from ‘Taken’, you enter. After ascending a large curving staircase sprinkled by lighting from a vintage Tiffany’s fixture, you are greeted by a statuesque beautiful woman into a loft of understated elegance. Think Brett Wilson meets Princess Grace. Attractive individuals, stunning aesthetics & elegant beverages? Oui, svp! A Rémy Martin private tasting is a night of old school luxury.

The party:


MR– a handful of gold doubloons and a specially designed cocktail, I was ready to indulge.
The lights were set to dim and the music was energetic and fun.

MLLE– Magnifique!

The class:

Remy Martin Calgary AB FAB (8)

MR– I failed Science class grades 9 through 12; I actually wonder if I technically graduated.
Now had Rémy been involved I can assure you I would have been the head of the class.
Through sight, taste, and smell we were paired up with a goal to recreate the Rémy VSOP blend. My team was named REMY-OLO, but for reasons I care not to discuss, we were disqualified.

Remy Martin Calgary AB FAB (4)

MLLE– It’s no secret, I’ve a thing for brains. So, what a delightful surprise to find out how much a person can learn at the private tastings. One receives a special tutored lesson of how Rémy Martin is made: commencing with the choice of the petite or grande champagne regions to the ugni blanc grape growth on to the double distillation technique and then followed by the aging process. The aging is where one finds the flavour: the premium bottle is 150yrs old with up to 1200 ‘eaux de vie’ – ‘water of life’ or cognac distillations! OUI, the cellar master, Pierrette Trichet whom is trained for 10yrs as well as blind nose tested EVERY 6 months, does not even get to try the version she has specially groomed. Rémy Martin has the forethought to always be thinking of the future by utilising old school secret techniques. (Garçons, when dealing with a lady take a page from Rémy: old school gets one further ;). Plus, all along this scholastic journey, one receives tasters…be gentle here if new to cognac as the delightful libation is 70% alcohol….book a taxi now

The cool factor:

Remy Martin Calgary AB FAB (6)

MR– A $7-10,000 crystal bottle of Rémy locked away in a glass dome.
Used for private table service, the owner of the bottle is given a magnetic key card that must be inserted into the case in order to release the cognac.
That’s right, Jay-Z no longer has to worry that uninvited ladies will be sneaking sips of his nectar while he hits up the bathroom.

Remy Martin Calgary AB FAB (7)

MLLE– Mr. Fab, I do have one query… Rémy Martin is a luxury brand synonymous with words like class, maturity & elegance. The VSOP limited edition marketing with Robin Thicke is confusing. I prefer my cognac sans twerking, you? Rémy, you definitely deserve better. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to adjust my tiara as I sip.

It was a spectacular night of learning and good friends.

Remy Martin Calgary AB FAB (10)

And because I wanted to thank my Twitter peeps for always engaging me, I’ve picked @mirandarussel, who has been such a great supporter, and asked Remy Martin to throw her a party of her very own!

Thanks to all my readers! I’ll have more exciting opportunities coming your way!

Mr. Fab martin


Looking forward to reading your comments!