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Perfectly PARKLUXE

October 7, 2013

Saturday night, PARKLUXE, the biggest fashion event in Alberta, took centre stage in the creative space of the Telus Spark.

Now make no mistake, this is not a fashion show this is a fashion production
The party and the people are as important as, if not more so, than the actual designers and models walking the runway.

And the incredible PARK team has done it again and offered a world class event!

PARKLUXE OurPARKonline Fashion Show Telus Spark FAB (6)

For my review I could talk about the bulky bras on the models or even call out the designer who left price stickers on their shoes, but you’ll get enough of that from fashion writers clamouring to have their voices heard, so I’ll let them take care of that story.

Instead I’ll talk about everything else!

Now like I said, this is the Fashion EVENT of the year! The event you pull out your ‘sitting shoes’ for. You know the ones, they cripple your feet but look great!
From amazing wardrobes to the double layered spanx beneath them, the guests in attendance were looking flawless.

PARKLUXE OurPARKonline Fashion Show Telus Spark FAB (2)

In the VIP area, pretty food and pork belly circulated, while general admission ticket holders snacked on mini burgers and other delights.

PARKLUXE OurPARKonline Fashion Show Telus Spark FAB (8)

The runway set up that evening was marathon long!

To run the distance you would have required months of training and a handful of supplements.

It was endless and I sware must have set a Guinness record!

PARKLUXE OurPARKonline Fashion Show Telus Spark FAB (12)

That evening the space was also host to a fabulous interactive art installation commissioned just for PARKLUXE.

As guests used it to style their own personal fashion shoot, the close of the show had the army of models disappearing into it.

PARKLUXE OurPARKonline Fashion Show Telus Spark FAB (7)

Fashion eaten by art opulence!

But even every great party comes with a flaw.

Sure, I could not write about it, but anyone who was there will know I’ve left something out that need to be addressed, not to mention it’s not a fair review for my readers who are looking forward to attending the next PARKLUXE.

The Bars, or lack there of…

There were only 2 and the wait was a
minimum of 30 minutes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a drunk, but it was warm in there and all I wanted was a water. 30 minutes had me considering tipping my head under the taps in the washroom.

PARKLUXE OurPARKonline Fashion Show Telus Spark FAB (10)

My advice for the next show, tell people to pack their own or bring a cooler and hawk water like they do on the sidewalks in Las Vegas.

“Bottle of water $1.00, $1.00 bottle of water!”

Now this brings me to the most horrific part of the night.

The man carrying a handful of drinks who decided to walk down the center of the runway to get to his seat while the models dodged him!

You are an animal!

PARKLUXE OurPARKonline Fashion Show Telus Spark FAB (5)

If this were my event I would have paused the show and had your ass dragged across the floor and tossed out the doors!
Who do you think you are?!
I tried to find out who you were, ohhhh how I planned to post pictures of your tacky face all over the city on a poster that read; ‘classless disaster!’
If you had a GF, I hope she dumped you.
You owe the models, designer, the PARK team and all the guests an apology!

Alright, where was I…. Oh right, the most magical and classy affair Calgary has seen this year!

PARK, from the moment you set the stage the first time, I was blown away. And you’ve done it again!

PARKLUXE OurPARKonline Fashion Show Telus Spark FAB (11)

Our city is so lucky to have you at the helm as cultural fashion ambassadors.

You do amazing work.

Keep on, keeping on…..

PARKLUXE OurPARKonline Fashion Show Telus Spark FAB (3)

And if you need me, I’ll volunteer to be your water boy next event!

Mr. Fab luxe

  1. This was a fantastic event and would have loved to have taken down the moron who proceeded to walk down the runway with his drinks, I applaud the Parkluxe organizers for not making a scene. Although he was not the only one to do so, he was the worst by making a fool of himself.

    Masterful event for only the 3rd year. If you missed out, you missed a wonderful evening. Will be back again next year and hope to see some of you all at the 2014 Parkluxe fashion show.

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