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From Bad to Wurst

October 3, 2013

June 20, 2013. I was having lunch with a friend in downtown Calgary when it started to pour. In the deluge, I headed home, only to spend the next week staying out of harms way & pitching in wherever I could in the city.

Bievenue, Calgary Flood. The natural disaster devastated not only many personal homes and city parks but also local businesses. One of those establishments is the well-loved German themed beer hall Wurst.


This post is not a sob story, in fact it is just the opposite. Even though the Euro inspired resto & pub is currently under repairs, they wouldn’t dare miss OCTOBERFEST! Talk about resilience.

Last night their BFF National 10 donned their lederhosen and hosted Wurst’s renowned event.

This is what best friends are for!


Huge fan of the homage to the German festival, ALL the goods were presented; 69 lagers on tap and enough meat for the Calgary Flames training day, all shared on communal table!

Pass moi a pretzel & let the oompahpah begin!


And then came the BEST NEWS OF ALL: Wurst plans to RE-OPEN in December. YYC, I admire your work ethic. Well done!

SO save some room this Octoberfest because the original communal hall will be opening later this year!

Oui, svp! Come hell or high water, indeed ; ).



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