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Kmart to the Fashion Rescue!

October 2, 2013

Companies are always trying to come up with bigger and better ways to market their brands.

From scantily clad females handing out energy drinks, to me riding around on a scooter handing out frozen meals… Ive seen and done it all!

For the most part, I’ve been bored and unimpressed!

But during Fashion Week in NYC, @KmartFashion launched a marketing stunt on Twitter that left me WOW’d!


Using the hashtag #fashionweekproblems NYC fashion goers were invited to send an SOS to Kmart with whatever problem was plaguing them.

Then within seconds their twitter PR team was in contact and an action plan was put into play to remedy the situation.

A list of life savers were suggested by the company… But would they be able to solve ALL the #fashionweekproblems, including mine?

With an unexpected disaster, it was time to put them to the test!


With a mess on my shirt, I called in my request; I was at Lincoln Center and I needed help.

As I waited to see what might happen, I searched their hashtag and viewed hundreds of requests that were being made. Fear set in; I was nobody, would they really care?

Then within 30 minutes, I was tapped on the shoulder by a fashionably dressed women.

And like a scene out of a secret agent movie, a bag was slipped into my hands and she disappeared back into the sea of people from once she came.

As I looked down, I gasped, my fashion faux pas would be no more!


I have no idea how large the Kmart team must have been to have pulled of such a miraculous feat; how they found me, how they got there so quickly, or even why they cared will always be a mystery.

But what I will never forget?… Their amazing act of marketing perfection.

Thanks for coming to my rescue Kmart!

Mr. Fab mart

  1. That’s amazing! Great job K-Mart team – being involved in that promotion would have been such a cool experience

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