Three Wish Thursdays

September 26, 2013

Another Thursday and another list of random items I’d sell my baby brother for…

#1 Bose Mini Soundlink ($200)


Okay, so I no longer have a baby brother, but I do have this mini delight. Equipped with bluetooth, the system allows me to use my phone like a remote flipping through my favorite dance tracks ($200).

#2 Songza app for iPhone (Free)

Songza App

I’m so ghetto and computer illiterate that I’ve been using YouTube as my personal jukebox. But Songza has changed everything! The app looks at the time of day and lets you pick from a variety of activities you might be up to. After you pick the activity, you pick the genre and tah-dah; I’m a baller now!

#3 Prada Garment Bag ($1700)

Prada Garment Bag

Sometimes a garbage bag doesn’t get you into First Class. This stunning garment bag will help you look the part and will hopefully get you that last minute upgrade.

So whatever you’re lusting for this week, may all your unrealistic dreams become a reality!

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