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Walking the Red Carpet at CIFF

September 20, 2013

For the next 10 days in Calgary the International Film Festival, CIFF, will be rolling out a variety of coloured carpets in honour of the 200+ films which will be screened.

Galas, parties and endless bags of popcorn will be consumed with a side of cola to wash it all down.

Last night’s Red Carpet Gala saw the screening of ‘The Grand Seduction’, an East Coast comedy which kept the evening light and fun!


The film starred Taylor Kitsch who had all the ladies in my group hot and heavy, while I enjoyed the comedic timing of the very talented Gordon Pinsent.

Gordon Pinsent The Grand Suduction CIFF Mr.FAB

The king of the one liners had the audience blurting out with laughter whenever he spoke!

This year’s festival will be crammed full of gems like this film, and to help you make the most of it I’ve teamed up with Tourism Calgary to teach you “How To CIFF”

CIFF 2013 Mr.Fab Red Carpet Gala

So check out their website and I’ll see you at the shows!

Mr. Fab carpet


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