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A Men’s Line for Eileen Fisher?

September 19, 2013

Yesterday morning, with the promise of a mimosa and simple sensual designs, I sprung out of bed like it was Christmas morning, changed out of my night-gown, and arrived with minty fresh breath.

Eileen Fisher Chinook Centre Canada Store (1)

Eileen Fisher has opened their 2nd location in Calgary, AB Canada at Chinook Centre and I was excited to see what all the hub bub was about.


Prior to my visit, I developed a huge misconception. For some reason I thought Eileen Fisher would be ‘florida keys’ wear; animal prints, capes and moo-moos… I’m a guy, what did I know?!

But what I actually discovered was minimalistic and timeless.

Eileen Fisher Chinook Centre Canada Store (2)

Clean lines and simple shapes; there were no tropical prints or over sized ponchos… This was most definitely not ‘ho-hum’ wear, but more black tie affair!

And then the sadness hit… Not being a female, I would never have the chance to wear any of the amazing designs… Or would I?!


Speaking with Angie Deliva from Sece Apparel, the company who holds the Canadian franchise rights to the brand, Eileen Fisher is already quietly developing a small Men’s capsule collection. And although she couldn’t go into much detail, she gave me a sense this might appear as soon as Fall/Winter 2014!

As I continued to sweep through their beautiful current collection I was treated to delicious breakfast parfait, fruit and pastries.


Even with the absence of a men’s collection, for now, Eileen Fisher still found the way to my heart.

Thanks for all the treats and the exciting gossip, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the new ‘Fish-Man’ collection!

Mr. Fab fisher


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