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The Fame of Fashion Week

September 13, 2013

Most people go to NYC, much like L.A, hoping to run into famous people or celebrities.

Now I’ve traveled plenty of times to L.A. but have never had one of these encounters.

But, NYC on the other hand, the city is littered with notable people; seeing fame is inevitable!

Here is a round-up of a few people I’ve met and how I met them during Fashion Week.

#1 Standing in the lobby of the Lincoln Center, I bumped shoulders with a woman who was passing by me rather quickly.

Anna Wintour Fashion Week NYC

As she swept by, the knowledge of the iconic sandy brown bob hit me… And before I could think straight, I threw my bag onto the ground and bolted to see if I was right.

Anna Wintour Fashion Week MBFW

Anna Wintour, the famed Editor-in Chef of Vogue!
Heading into the Vera Wang show, she was alone and went un-noticed by everyone but me.

#2 Disoriented and running late for my very first show during Fashion Week, I was fashionably hustling down the side-walk in Chelsea…
I dodged a cab as I crossed the street on a red and emerged right in front of Bryan Boy

Bryan Boy and MrFab Fashion Week MBFW

The worlds most famed fashion blogger, and current judge on America’s Next Top Model, he was dressed head to toe in a look that only he could pull off!

#3 I was about to meet a good friend for lunch at Balthazar in SOHO, when I received a text telling me she was running 30 mins late… “No Problem”, the streets of New York are never-ending and full of interesting places to explore.
As I wove in and out of shops along side streets, I literally stopped dead in my tracks!

Coco Rocha, one of the top Supermodels of the world.

Coco Rocha and Mr.Fab (Large)

She stopped to make sure I was okay; I was white and must have looked like I saw a ghost! All I could mumble over and over again was, “Coco Rocha.”

I had nothing to say, I was speechless!
I don’t much recall what else I mustered out of my yapper other than Coco, but she was sweet and kind in reply.
She even took the time to ask what my name was and then introduced me to her friend.

#4 I was on my way one evening to a private party hosted by G-Star and as my cab pulled up to the venue and I exited, another eager rider was waiting to get in.

Jay Alexander

Jay Alexander and MrFab Fashion Week NYC MBFW

Also know as “Miss Jay”, the fiercest runway walker and coach from ANTM!

Funny enough, I had also seen him earlier that day flying from show to show wearing exactly what I would have expected him to wear.

Jay Alexander style Fashion Week Vera Wang

A 6’5 male version of the Venus sisters!

None of my meetings were planned and in my wildest dreams I never would have imagined the world of fashion celebrities would be transitioning from the runways and audiences into my personal life.

It was surreal and perfect!

Mr. Fab & the fame

  1. You do have a knack for bumping into people at NYFW, even Velvet & Vino! LOL! Hope you had a good trip back home, catch up with you soon!

  2. i was driving around queens park, ontario one summer morning and i received a call on my cell from somebody names Jeanie Bekker. i had left a message on her cell for some information related to non-fashion thing. it was like “oh ok, yeah right, got it, cool. fine thanks. bye”. only later when i tell this story to my fashionista friends do i get the look of awe and admiration. I got a call from Jeannie Bekker. sorry, never saved that cell number of hers.

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