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The Accessory Project

September 10, 2013

With a start time of 9am, I was reluctantly dragging my ‘late night partying self‘ out of bed and tossing myself on a train with very little sleep.

But when it comes to accessories, this misplaced Olsen triplet just needed a cold shower and a venti black to get him out the door.


The Accessory Project was about to bring some pretty interesting speakers, who would have a lot to say, into one room.

Jill Zarin, former ‘Real Housewives of NYC’ cast member, has been using her time more wisely and as of late has created the perfect accessories line with her very affordable jewelry. ($18-$175)

Jill Zarin Accessory Project (2) (Large)

After she shared her collection with me, she donned some boots and took to the stage!

Along side NBC style expert and blogger Lilliana Vazquez,  Daily News managing editor Raakhee Mirchandani and the very late arriving ‘The Moms’; the hen party was under way.

Jill Zarin Accessory Project (1) (Large)

The accessory trends of this season and next took topic of conversation.

And faux animals skins seemed to be hot.

“You can carry exotic looks that’ll cost you less the $99 from TJ Max” -Lilliana

And what about seasonal colors?

Rookhee says- “Print is the new color”

While Jill noted;

“Know the season’s ‘in’ color and accessorize with it; chunky jewelry or a scarf.”

But what about my male readers?!

I took the liberty of asking the panel for you.

While some said rings and others said socks, a unanimous staple was agreed on.

Simple colorful yarn bracelets worn paired next to your timepiece!

Pura Vida Bracelets Fashion Arm Party (3)

A trend I spoke about this summer as my seasonal staple!

But regardless of what you see hitting the streets, the best accessory advice of the day came from Jill Zarin.

Jill Zarin Accessory Project (3) (Large)

“Everything’s in if it looks good on you!” -Jill Zarin

So go, be you! Nobody does it better!

Mr. Fab cessory


Looking forward to reading your comments!