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‘Ballin’ with Market & Patron

August 28, 2013


And then the world cringed!

It was an unforgettable night back in 1997 when I was first introduced to tequila.

A party at a friend’s house whose parents had recently returned from Mexico complete with a worm-laden bottle of tequila.

An hour into the night I went MIA.

My friends, thinking I had pulled a Houdini, continued to party the night away.

Not until clean up the next morning, was I found curled up in a ball under the kitchen table.

Thus ending my relationship with tequila!

So when I heard about the Patron Tasting happening at MARKET, one of the most forward thinking and inventive restaurants in Calgary, I was torn between my love for the creative dishes from Chef Bohati… And my fear of reliving my high school nightmare.

Market Calgary Patron Tasting Chef Bohati

So I did what any logical person would do… Left my knickers at home and made my way down to Market like a big boy.

But what would happen if the bottle cost more than $6 and didn’t contain a bloated night crawler?

After a ‘welcome cocktail’ made with a sweeter brut, bitters and Patron Citronge, we were seated and the first course was delivered.

Silver Tequila Cured Scallop Curdo

Market Calgary Patron Tasting

A light and delicious play on a standard ceviche.

It was Cinco de Mayo and the shot of Silver Patron it was served with started warming my tummy.

Then, keeping with the theme, came the main.

Crisp Pork Belly Taco

Market Calgary Patron Tasting pork belly

And this was not your south of the border Taco Bell fare.

An inspired dish with a cilantro puree, corn salsa, hand formed taco crisps and a piece of pork belly the size of Dora’s back pack served on a fried red tomato; I was en el cielo.

Served with a shot of Patron Reposado and I was ready to go ‘exploring’!

Then it was time for desert; Strawberry Pavlova.

Market Calgary Patron Tasting desert

A peppery Pavlova, which is like a chewy meringue, topped with a strawberry lime Patron citron tequila ice. And to compliment that? A shot of Patron Anjeo.

I was starting to get white girl wasted, but this time I wasn’t on a budget, this was Patron.

As I began jotting down the lyrics to my new rap song on a napkin, an XO Margarita was delivered to my table.

Market Calgary Patron Tasting margarita

XO Patron Café, lime and Cointreau and I was starring in my own award winning music video!

A night that started out with secret fears, turned into a night of great food and amazing cocktails all prepared with my former nemesis!

Rebecca Market

Thanks Patron, master cocktail-ist Rebecca, and Chef Bohati, for not only making amends between me and tequila… But for making us new BFF’s.

We will be enjoying many fun nights out to come!

And for those who have yet to try and vote for Market’s ‘Peoples Choice Awards’ nominated menu…

Trust me, the new Spring Menu is to die for!

Mr. Fab silver


Looking forward to reading your comments!