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Doughnut Making 101

August 27, 2013

Back in the late 80’s there was a game show on TV called ‘Just Like Mom’

Kids were brought into a TV studio kitchen, with the opportunity to pull whichever ingredients their heart desired, in order to make a fresh batch of cookies which would then be taste tested by a cluster of mothers to figure out who’s spawn had created each cookie.

Just Like Mom game show MR FAB

Mustard, hot sauce, onions… there were no rules. Creativity was the name of the game and that’s why it was exciting.

But now I’m grown, and ‘Just Like Mom’ has been taken off the air; my hopes and dreams of creating the baked good of my dreams?… Lost.

Or are they?

Jelly Modern Doughnut FAB

Well lucky for me, my creative-genius friends over at Jelly Modern have let me play spokesperson for them, showing the world that odd ingredients like sausage, bacon, potato sticks and maple syrup are perfect ingredients for a delightful sweet treat.

So without further adieux, here is my ‘JLM’ moment!

Mr Fab shows you how to make wild doughnut creation from Jelly Modern

I’m excited to see what crazy concoction will be up next!

Mr. Fab like mom


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