The ‘Creeper’ Chair

August 22, 2013

I love furniture and design about as much as I love food. A self proclaimed expert in all things delicious and stylish.

But the latest design from Jakob Gomez has got me torn between feelings of love and hate!


While I love the shape, scale, creative design and materials used in the new Gi Booth, there is one aspect that has left me perplexed.


The design was inspired to give the user a private place to relax in.

But all I’m seeing are privates!


Ladies, would you feel comfortable sitting in this chair while creepers are perving on your chest?

Seriously, this chair is going to act as the perfect frame for predators to snap Instagram shots of your rack.

So take my poll:
Would you be caught sitting on this chair in a public space?


Love the chair but not the blinders.

Mr. Fab -a-boo


Looking forward to reading your comments!