Fab’s ‘Best in Show’ : Winning a Gelato Competition

August 13, 2013

A few months ago I saw a tweet…
A contest involving a few of my favourite people: Avenue Magazine and Fiasco Gelato.


My inner Leo was ready to pounce, but I needed a unique concept with interesting flavours… And to top it off, something spectacular and fabulous!

Then over Sunday brunch, as I watched some of my friends down countless glasses of breakfast cocktails, it came to me…


But I was able to submit up to five items to go into the gelato to make it perfect, so what would those be?… Champagne, and orange juice, but what was going to be the interesting item? POP ROCKS for the win, and of course it wouldn’t be truly fabulous without gold flecks!!

The idea was submitted and then I waited…
Over 200 entries were received and a few weeks later I received this:


I was one of the 6 finalists, and now I was off for the judging. Who would I be up against? And what would the judges think?

Then the moment came; an early morning on Breakfast Television, the judges were assembled and the inventors remained shrouded in secrecy. There would be no favouritism.


Legit foodies like Jennifer Hamilton, John Gilchrist, James Boettcher, Connie DeSousa, Sarah Crosbie, Julie Van Rosendaal, and Dan Clapson where the judges that morning.

And what were the results?

Blood Orange Mimosa with Pop Rocks and Gold Flecks came out victorious!


Now the famed Fiasco Gelato, bearing my name, is being sold as a limited edition until the end of August! To keep it summer fresh and to remain true to the concept, Fiasco made this flavour as a Sorbetto; perfect for some of my closest friends and readers who are dairy free!


So if you’ve ever wondered what the sweet side of Fab tastes like, now’s your chance!

The delicious concoction will be sold at two of their locations: Bridgeland Market by the scoop, or availble by the pint at their test kitchen.


My Leo self is purring like a kitten!


Mr Fab osa with pop rocks and gold flecks!

  1. Reblogged this on Dish 'n' the kitchen and commented:
    immrfabulous just about says it all here…
    This is the gelato contest I entered way back in June. I was super surprised to get a ‘Congrats Your Fiasco Gelato flavour submission is one of six finalists….’ email as well. Mostly because I forgot about entering and I also forgot which flavour I had submitted. When I read about the six flavours ‘Fig and Candied Prosciutto’ sounded like something I would have concocted so I assumed that one was mine. And it was. Last week I went to Avenue Magazine to collect my finalist prize; a gift card for Toscana Grill. While I was there, they told me how much the judges loved my flavour, Fig and Candied Prosciutto. Phew! Thank goodness they remembered what flavour I submitted!
    Guess what? I already have next year’s flavour all dreamed up…I have it written somewhere…

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